Our boxes are handmade to a depth and measurement of your choosing.

Custom made recesses can be catered for to ensure your contents are secure and displayed to their best advantage.

All our boxes are made with double layered walls so the corners are double butted for strength and longevity.

Standard turnaround for a box is five to ten working days but please call if you have different requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.


Drop Back Boxes

Drop Back Boxes

Our drop back boxes are a variation of the Solander or 'clamshell' box where an outer tray encloses an inner tray in which the document or object is contained. The inner tray can be adapted and recesses built to secure the contents.

A portfolio mechanism can be incorporated to allow prints to turn within the box.

Shoe Boxes


An alternative to the drop back box is the shoebox. Built using the same methods and choice of size and materials, the shoebox has a removable lid thus consisting of two separate trays.



The slipcase is a protective box which leaves the spine of the book, album or portfolio exposed. Made around your binding to fit perfectly, a slipcase can also be an ideal finish in terms of presentation.




Our boxes can be made to a size and depth of your choosing. The idea is that your contents are well presented and secure so we request you provide a template print or the object itself. This is particularly important when we make custom recesses. Generally we will need to keep the object for the duration of the order.

Custom Design

Custom Design

If you have a specific style of box you wish to make we are very happy to discuss your designs and find the best methods to realise them.